The photo below was taken in 1980, at ‘Keita’s Photo Studio’, which is owned by a family friend who used to take pictures of my dad and his siblings for free. In this shot he is posing, slightly smiling, looking to the right of the camera — he is roughly 17 years old here. I’m almost 10 years older than the boy in this image. …

To me, photo albums are very much like exhibitions, carefully curated by their owners. As a child I was always fascinated by my parent’s history, always asking them questions about their siblings, their parents, their interests, and more. When my parents eventually grew tired of answering my questions, I went to find answers for myself by rummaging through their cupboards where I would find many photo albums.

The other day I decided to rummage again and ended up spending hours looking at the photos because each photo led me to research something. I have decided to collate the information I uncovered and *sporadically* share my findings along with some photos from our photo albums.

First up ‘the significance of photographic studios in West Africa’.

I am working out how to embed audio versions of the text, suggestions are welcome!

A series of portraits from a family photo album.

Haja Fanta

A creative producer with an interest in arts & culture.

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